The Hardest Part

Foundations are key to the viability of life’s conditions.
Feelings lose integrity when arising from corrupted seeds
Walls of plaster crumble if undermined by corrosion
A swelling heart deflates if filled with noxious ethers
You can’t go back and change what was
You can’t undo emotions stretched shattered broken
Trying to glean positive forces at work,
trying to capture moments, 
we are what we are right now
We were what we were then

If yesterday’s realities were yesterday’s knowledge,
would there be any issue today?
Will false pretenses overshadow discovery?
Will bold untruths taint the wells of delight?
Is any of this worthy of my tears?
Can I have the strength now to turn my back?
Not today.
The hardest part of all is never to know
the whole truth of it.


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