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Sheer Indulgence

That’s what I should name this blog. – sheer indulgence.

My other blog – (plug, plug..) is built around my quilt art, photography, poetry, jewelry making and just about anything else that comes up.

Well that’s OK but it’s starting to resemble the kitchen sink and the “real” art is getting lost in the shuffle.

What I’d like to do here is to focus on my writing without concern as to whether it is “art” related. Of late I’ve been doing more writing – often using the poetic form – and discovering just how much I enjoy the process. In addition it seems to be extremely therapeutic. If I’m feeling down – then sit down to write about it – that activity seems to dissipate the low feelings and if I feel anxious -just focusing on the feelings by writing about them does help dispel them.

So that’s it for starters. Shall I call this blog – Welcome to my private self therapy sessions!! ??  

I’m looking for participation on this blog as well. On my art blog I do get some nice comments when people admire my work. That’s great! But they are few and far between and it’s not the kind of thing that lends itself to dialogue.

I hope that I earn some nice comments here as well but beyond that I’d like to see critical comments that augment what I’ve said or perhaps present an alternate opinion and so forth. (please be gentle 🙂 )

Be back real soon!



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