2 Haiku – Culture and Quilt

These haiku were prompted by a TV Show that I watched this evening.

The series is Craft in America on Public Broadcasting.  The piece featured quilt artists whose art largely tells a story rich with history and social commentary.

Color harmony

Surface ripples with texture

Embracing comfort.


Jarring images

Reminders of our foibles

Cloaked in coziness




3 thoughts on “2 Haiku – Culture and Quilt

  1. Hi Guila
    Did you find me through my quilting sister’s blog, sewextreme.com? You’ve inspired me to find my poem about one of my sister’s quilts. Nice haiku. I’ll be back. Best, Hattie

    • Hattie, thanks for your comment and visit! I was checking out freshly pressed to see if my featured photos were registering and I think it was the fact that you seem to be involved in a lot of the same creative outlets that I am. that led me to check it out further. Glad i did! You may be interested in taking a look at my other blog that features my art quilts – http://guilagreerart.com Or your sister would. I’ll look for hers too. Enjoy! Guila

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