Autumn Memories and Magical Threads

The magic continues

The spinner weaves a fragile thread

Taken to tangles and knots

Requiring a gentle patient touch.


We are connected by a magical thread.

Sometimes the filament tangles –

when confusion clouds the perception of action or inaction. 

Tenuous attachments attract uncertainty and tangle emotions.


Fantasy, illusion, dreams – all is good –

Reality is often hard pressed to keep pace with the mind’s alternative universe.

Especially when that universe is shared

with the embodiment of remembered yearning.


A vivid memory of crisp breezes carrying wispy scent of hearth and embers. 

Dusk falling rapidly as I briskly walked the few blocks home –

dodging puddles and reveling – charging through piles of crunchy maple leaves

randomly adorning the sidewalk.


Utter joy with the sensory symphony –

for the moment tenuously overriding

the swell of angst rising from my depths. 

A nameless yearning.  Strong sense of something missing. 


Feeling such a longing to reach out and touch

the someone who was striving to do the same from parts unknown. 

Continuing my walk home and

turning my thoughts to the evening’s plan.


Yet, down deep inside me knowing that the longing would continue,

the vague sense of disquiet would go unappeased. 

Until the shadows took on form emerging from the hidden realm.

Until you came into my life.Image


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