Facing Emptiness

I booted up my computer this morning
opened up the usual sites
checked my messages
read the updates
made a few comments
and cried
There was nowhere else to look
no sign of you anywhere
Helpless in my grief
aimlessly searching
nothing to find
but tears
I read your words and cried.
Not knowing what’s in your heart
and trying to understand
what you need
what you really want.
The silence shouts
You said to me
“Don’t take it so hard”
I should have countered
“Are you insane?..
Should an ant stomped on by your foot
not take it so hard?”
Insights come and go
Not strong enough
to stand on their own
Not reinforced
Never refuted
Left to wither
It cuts too deeply
to leave things as they are
But what alternative
exists in this world?
Remains viable
in the face of emptiness?

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