Hope’s Alchemy

It will happen one day, not tomorrow.

But tomorrow I will close my eyes;

I will embrace the dream not hold it off

with shaking tearful fears and doubts.

Welcoming – opening my arms

my heart, my very being.

And one day, not tomorrow

but one day before this earth

completes another journey round its sun

we will be together

to complete what began with teasing winks and  tempting smiles

a year before –no-a hundred years before.

Was there ever a time

you were not known to my heart?


This heart swells with concealed feelings

unspoken words, unanswered desires,

needing hope to perform its alchemy

And turn bitter tears sweet.

With no certainty that this feeling echoes and grows

grounded with common caring and desire.

Mutual fears but no shared hopes to fuel deepening passions.

Something with shape and substance to

mold the doubtful fantasy

turning ephemeral whimsy

into fiercely wished for reality.

Using all remedy

and means of resource

One day soon, in this lifetime.


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